The Revolutionary Art Of Changing Your Heart

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Are you stuck in a relationship rut? Maybe you’re fighting with your significant other all the time, or want to put the spark back into your relationship but don’t know how. Psychologist Andrew Fuller can tell you how to give your love life CPR right when you need it most.



‘CPR’ stands for Connected, Protected, Respected. In a love relationship each partner should feel these things – yet it can be difficult to sustain amidst a busy life in a busy world. The Revolutionary Art of Changing Your Heart provides an accessible set of tools for people concerned about their relationship as well as for those wanting to create a more positive relationship.

Subjects include: understanding attraction; knowing how relationships work; the five values that underpin all successful relationships; why arguments are always about fear; who not to fall in love with; being the lover your partner wants to be with; helping your partner become the lover you love to be with.