Schools and Parents’ Resource Revitalised by Digital Agency Yump

Clinical psychologist Andrew Fuller, the author of Tricky Teens, Tricky Kids and Help Your Child Succeed At School, and Yump, one of Melbourne’s brightest digital agencies, have put their creative brains together to reimagine and revitalise as the essential online resource for parents, students, teachers, schools and allied health professionals working with young people and their families. The new website was launched to coincide with the release of his latest book Tricky Teens, which quickly ascended to the number 1 parenting book at Dymocks Australia.

Described as someone who “puts the heart back into psychology”, Andrew is a well known psychologist who works with many schools and communities on resilience, neuroscience and learning, both in Australia and internationally. He is an influential voice on a wide range of subjects including the promotion of mental health in schools, substance abuse prevention, suicide prevention and the reduction of violence and bullying. The challenge faced by Yump, the Melbourne digital agency behind the website, was to present Andrew’s new ideas in ways that would reach and excite new audiences and engage them in an ongoing relationship with him.

Arriving at the relaunched, the colourfully designed homepage allows visitors, such as students, parents, schools and professionals, to self-identify and take their respective guided pathway to the resources that they need. The Free Resources section is a regularly-updated repository of downloadable articles that will help kickstart their thinking and tackle the obstacles ahead, such as in the areas of managing depression and anxiety, building resilience and overcoming the challenges of school and adolescence.

For practical insights delivered in a warm, approachable manner, visitors can purchase affordable e-Books including Guerrilla Tactics For Teachers, Work Smarter Not Harder and Beating Bullies from the Books section via an easy-to-use online shopping cart interface. The Talks section features workshops conducted by Andrew for organisations, parents, students, teachers and health professionals on a broad variety of topics. Last but not least, Andrew also keeps visitors up to date with ideas and concepts related to the well-being of young people on his Blog.

The Melbourne web design experts at Yump have created the entire experience using the user-centred design methodology, a process that focuses on the website user first. This means making the interface simple to use so that different users can easily access the information they want. With big touch-friendly buttons and a fluid responsive layout, the web design is optimised for mobile devices such as hand-held tablets and mobiles, and developed using best practice web techniques.

Not merely satisfied with meeting functional requirements, the team at Yump wants to ensure the experience at, like the author and psychologist, also has heart and soul. From the homepage’s “spaghetti brain” illustration to the choice of colours and tone of language, the website invites visitors to learn about resilience, mental health and well-being while being immersed in a creative and interactive world.